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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happiness How To: Keep Dreaming

art by ~B1nd1

Most of the time, especially when younger, we believe that once we achieve our goals, we will be happy. Those cherished dreams vary for all of us. That may be  anything from rather mundane things, more or less ambitious dreams that require time and effort to extraordinary achievement that require overcoming great difficulties, for example, getting a college degree, winning a lottery, becoming a celebrity, buying a house, having kids, getting out of jail or surviving a war.

However, there are two big tragedies involving dreams in life. The first is to never attain your dream. We dedicate so much thoughts, efforts and time to it. It is so disappointing to never reach that goal. The second big misfortune is to attain you dream, because you do not have anything to dream about anymore, to strive for. Once we achieve our biggest dream, we feel empty, deflated, not inspired anymore.

Which is why many people who reach the pinnacle of success often feel unhappy. If everything you need and want is given to you, you may feel that you no longer have to strive for anything.

Happiness is made of contentment and moderation (see previous posts: http://olgarythm.blogspot.com/2012/06/what-happiness-is-made-of.html and http://olgarythm.blogspot.com/2012/06/contentment-and-moderation-building.html). But being content with your current state does not preclude us from dreaming of anything else. It just means to appreciate the present, not being anxious for something else and disregard what you already have.

So let’s keep dreaming. Some dreams may never come true. But they will excite our imagination and keep us inspired.

Think about 4-5 things you dream about, your goals in life. Do not give up on them if you really want them. Keep working toward them. Meanwhile, always appreciate what you already have. Do not forget to feel happy along the way. And once you achieve your dreams, make sure to bask in that success. You will gain even more to be thankful and content about.

And then dream about something else.

And keep on dreaming.


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