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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Agree to Disagree OR My Posting Schedule

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I often disagree with mainstream trends and notions. I believe our society regularly goes off in directions that put us further away from the happiness everyone is looking for. 

One such trend is the amount of data surrounding us and the speed with which the next bit of information replaces the last one. There is so much news and so many fads, and we are rushing along with them, changing our commitments to diets, work-outs, fashion, extracurricular activities and our ideas. Sometimes we don’t even get to the ones we are interested in, because we already are on to the next thing. How can people develop strong convictions and/or opinions if they don’t spend at least some time with the ideas that form said convictions/opinions?

When we read a thick book, we can’t help but spend some time with it. And by the virtue of time spent thinking about it, the meaning settles in, spurring ideas of our own (assuming it is that kind of book :)). When we watch a screen version of the same thing, we spend only two hours with it, and it just can’t take root and affect us as much.

People nowadays don’t get the opportunity to spend some time with one idea, to mull it over, to explore it fully, and to understand our attitude toward it. If we spend some time, we may find that our initial reaction to some outside event or idea may evolve, deepen or even change altogether.

Of course, as with everything, moderation is key. While clearing the mind of all thoughts seems impossible and impractical for our lives, bringing too much stimulation and thoughts will result in them cancelling each other out and just cluttering our heads with chaos.

With that in mind, I will post to this blog once a week. I hope it will give everybody a chance to give each topic enough attention, to feel a personal reaction to it, and of course, to comment.


  1. Do not completely agree: information is king! Sometimes it is overwhelming but I still remember days when doing research meant going multiple times to library finding microfilms making copies, etc. Internet changed all that and some. You just have to learn to filter noise and see the essence.

    1. Alex,
      the key, of course, is moderation. I agree that the Internet is great for a quick research (although sometimes I feel that after doing research on the Internet, spending hours and looking through several websites, I come out with tons of unnecessary information and very little new knowledge that I actually was looking for). It is not the Internet per se, but the way we are inundated with information, attacked by it, enticed by it, and ultimately, instead of focusing on something, we are mostly distracted by it. I agree that being able to filter the noise and see the essence are great qualities.